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Rachee’s Photography in Watertown, New York is led by Rachel Susice, a professional photographer that specializes in many styles of photography. In her work, Rachel aims to encapsulate the beauty of each individual in every shot.

About the Owner

“I started photography as a hobby. I actually bought a small digital camera just to capture my two beautiful children growing up. Posting one of my images on Facebook is what started my venture! From there I began to teach myself the ins and outs of shooting every chance I could. From seminars, lectures, online teaching and hands on learning. Finding my passion has been such an amazing ride! I have never been more excited thinking about what my future holds!"

"I love capturing the true love during an engagement session, or the sparkle in a child's eye when they laugh, or the love of an expecting mother. All these moments in life that we can never get back. Moments that need to be captured and documented for our children and our grandchildren."

Learn More

Learn more about Rachee’s photography by giving us a call. We hope to hear from you soon!

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